Business and Home users

We offer a wide variety of support options designed around your individual requirements and economics

Full annual support contract to include all aspects of work
including hardware if required

Monthly subscription support for labour only

Pay as you go for as and when required

Remote support using our dedicated, secure hardware,
allowing for unattended connections

Network design and setup

We can install a new cat6 cable network, or increase your existing network
by adding more data outlets

Setup a wireless office network or a combination of wireless and cable
for easy expansion

Upgrade your existing network hardware to take advantage of faster protocols

Safety and Security

We have been supplying security software to companies and home users for over 10 years, these can be individual licenses or a full company license i.e.
One license for all your systems with full support , this includes antivirus, anti spyware and offsite anti spam filtering , and for the home user parental control and intrusion guard

Data backup

Onsite or cloud based to secure data bunkers with monitoring and support


All types of new hardware including pc's, laptops, Servers, backup devises and printers delivered, installed and configured

Hardware and software Upgrades

Memory, hard drives, operating systems, motherboard and processors

Fault finding

Crashing systems, blue screen, freezing, parts supplied and installed and tested